Currie Memorial Project Committee


In 2009, a volunteer project steering committee was formed to raise funds to erect a statue of General Sir Arthur Currie in his home town of Strathroy, Ontario. Over a period of approximately four years, the committee worked diligently to raise awareness of Currie and his remarkable achievements through a variety of fund raising initiatives, events and projects. The project steering committee consists of the following members (in alphabetical order):

  • Brian Anderson
  • Brian Angyal
  • Len Fluhrer
  • John Fuller
  • Norm Giffen
  • Tim Gillies
  • Anna McCoskery
  • Donald McCumber
  • Andrew Meyer
  • John Sargeant

Over a period of four years the committee members, supported by numerous volunteers, successfully raised over $70,000 for the project through mail-out campaigns, participation in community events, a gala fund raising dinner, and the annual Great War Forum event.

With these funds in place, the committee issued a public request for proposals from sculpture artists accross Canada in the summer of 2013, ultimately selecting renowned Canadian artist Adrienne Alison to undertake the project.

In December of 2013, the committee recieved confirmation of a $50,000 contribution to the project from Veterans Affairs Canada through the Community War Memorial program. With sufficient funds in place to undertake the work, the committee engaged artist Adrienne Alison to commence the sculpture in January 2014 in anticipation of an August 4, 2014 unveiling to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Great War.