Mayor Joanne Vanderheyden Issues Statement Regarding Closure of Municipal Facilities as of March 15

Posted On Sunday March 15, 2020

Effective midnight March 15, 2020 all municipal facilities will be closed to the public until April 6, 2020.

Those facilities include the following: 

  • Strathroy-Caradoc Municipal Office
  • West Middlesex Memorial Centre
  • Gemini Sportsplex
  • Caradoc Community Centre
  • Museum Strathroy-Caradoc
  • Strathroy & Area Seniors’ Center 

Municipal staff will be reporting to work during this time. I want to thank all of our front line workers and public servants who are at the forefront of maintaining key public services and critical infrastructure. Police, fire, and emergency services will be maintained at all times and remain unaffected. Members of the public will be asked to communicate with municipal employees by telephone or email using resources located at

We know that this is a difficult time for members of our community, however, protecting our employees and our ability to deliver critical municipal services is our primary concern. We believe our approach is consistent with the guidance from the higher levels of government. We will be making adjustments to our service delivery model and make more resources available to serve the public either online or by telephone. Public parks will continue to be available and we will be initiating enhanced, daily cleaning procedures with respect to outdoor park equipment. As your Mayor, I want you to know that the municipal council has full confidence in the ability of our staff to maintain key services and to continue to serve the public responsibly, and as needed, while taking steps necessary to limit personal interactions.